This site deals with my travel in China from September 4 to October 21, 2007.
It is a "random" mix of personal experiences and general considerations (the former often nourishing the latter), of funny comments and (half-)serious remarks.
My experience in China was limited for several reasons: I have not been in all the places; I have not seen every interesting thing of those places where I have been; I met several people but, for obvious reasons, they amount to a negligible percentage of the entire Chinese population.

Based on those experiences, I'll happen to express positive and negative considerations about the country and the people. They are in no way an assessment on China or its inhabitants: it's simply what I have seen and experienced, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. I did not care too much about always being "politically correct", preferring to give free way to my thoughts so as to convey my feelings as much unfiltered as possible.

One thing I dared to joke about is the ubiquitous dragon, which I will point out throughout the site with this icon . A serious treatment of this topic can be found here.

Every "chapter" of the tale is relative, more or less, to a "stage" in my journey. I did not try to cover everything about my travel, only the most significant experiences are reported. Inside each chapter there are some general considerations which do not apply to that particular "chapter" only but, for the way they came to my mind, are nonetheless linked to that chapter. A list of some of those general considerations is reported in the Topics, also available in the header of each page.
I included external links, primarily to Wikipedia, where appropriate, so as to allow a comparison with other, more authoritative, information sources.

I hope this site can be useful for everyone planning a travel to China and willing to figure out what it means to travel on their own in that country. It can be useful also to people who would like to know something about China from an independent source[1]. Should the site be of no use, that's all right: at least it was a great fun to write .

Some pictures are used as an aid to tell the story. All of them were taken during my travel and none of them has been altered.

A few words about myself before we start: my name is Carlo Colombo and I live in a small town near Milan, in Italy. I work in the software industry and, in my free time, I like to ride my bicycle and to read.

  1. ^Based on my limited experience I would say that very little, if any at all, of what I have read and heard about China (and more so when it comes to TV and newspapers, both in China and in the Western Countries) is independent and unbiased.