The journey from Yangshuo to Shenzhen on the sleeper bus goes smoothly. The last part of the travel, after dawn, allows me to see the huge urban area stretching from Guangzhou to Shenzhen with a network of trafficked highways crossing it - this reminds me of Los Angeles.

I go back to Hong Kong at the Ascension House, the same place which hosted me at the beginning of my travel. I am tired and dirty after the night on the bus, so I take a shower. My first reaction: 'Nice shower!'. Then I realize that, at the beginning of my travel, when I had used it for the first time, I said 'mmh, so so' .

After all that wandering, at last I have half an afternoon for rest, which I enjoy so much:

The return flight goes from Hong Kong to London, then from London to Milan. I land in Milan Linate, I go out of the airport and I finally recognize the air of Milan: smelling of diesel oil as I have not breathed for the last 45 days. You may read on nwspapers or listen in TV that China is polluted, and this is no doubt true. But for people like me who have the "opportunity" to live in one of the most polluted areas in Europe, the air of China is not a problem. And if you think this is a cold comfort, I couldn't agree more .